Governance Structure

NMR Core Facility is governed by the Steering Group.

Steering Group

Panum NMR Core Facility refers to the Steering Group which is chaired by the Dean of the Faculty and is responsible for the budget allocation and for the strategic development.

The Steering Group consists of:

  • Ulla Wewer, Dean, The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Chair
  • Klaus Qvortrup, Professor, Director of The Core Facility for Integrated Microscopy (CFIM)
  • Steven Goldman, Executive Director, Center for Translational Neuromedicine (CTN)
  • Casper Lindegaard, Associate Professor of Large Animal Surgery, Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences (IKV)

Observers who participate in Steering Group meetings:

  • Maiken Nedergaard, Professor, CTN (Administrative Core director of Panum NMR Core Facility)
  • Yuki Mori, Associate professor, CTN (Research Core Director of Panum NMR Core Facility)


  • Ann Lee Berger Christensen, CTN
  • Anne Helene Christensen, CTN